Tuesday, 28 March 2023
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Casino Rio

The Rio Casino is located in Port Rio Hotel, in front of the beach in Rio, 20 minutes away by car from the city of Patras, the fourth largest city of Greece and the capital of the prefecture of Achaia.

The Rio Casino operates since 1996 and is the fourth largest casino in our country. Open daily and offers a 24 hour fun in a cosmopolitan environment.  There is no «dress code», although this does not mean that you can enter the Casino, if not decently dressed.

Players can have fun with the most popular games of the world: roulette (20), black jack (15), stud poker (5), slot machines (311), which reserve rich jack pots.  There is a VIP room, with tables of Blackjack, Roulettes and slot machines.

It has a restaurant, open daily from 21.00 - 01.00 and every evening the buffet is FREE for all customers. It also has a bar and drinks are free for all (players or not).

(Duration of the trip: 10 hours)