Tuesday, 28 March 2023
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Loutraki Casino

Loutraki is located on the northern side of the Corinthian Gulf.  It is a tourist resort but also a therapeutic centre of natural mineral waters.  Provides unlimited opportunities for winter and summer tourism.

casino loutraki It was the loved city of Gods, so that Apollon (the God of the sun and of the psychic tranquillity) and Hera (the mother of Gods) had temples for their adoration.  Loutraki was born together with God Hygeia (Health) and raised in the hands of Xenius (hospitable) Jove.

The international Casino of LOUTRAKI is the No. 1 casino in Europe.  Dominates the imposing luxury of decoration with competing service and excellent conduct to the visitor.  Operating since 1995 at the premises of Club Hotel Loutraki.

The games available in the Loutraki casino are 80 roulette tables, Black Jack, Casino Stud Poker, Caribbean Stud, and Punto Banco and Craps.  It also has over 1000 slot machines.  The Casino Loutraki is constantly upgrading its facilities.

(Duration of the trip: 8 hours)