Wednesday, 29 March 2023
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Regency Casino Mont Parnes

mont parnesThe Regency casino Mont Parnes is situated in one of the most privileged spots of the Attica basin at the top of Mount Parnitha, at an altitude of 1055 meters and has 44 years of history.

Today, Regency casino Mont Parnes, after a completion of temporary renovation has new gaming areas, new coffee-bar and a private room for its members (with 53 table games and 508 slot machines).  All public areas are also renovated and decorated with priceless works of art which were found in the complex during its renovation.

The complex covers an area of 17,936 square meters.  There is also a VIP room that is available to members of the Club Regency, which has 9 tables.  Apart from the casino there is a wonderful restaurant.  We recommend trying one of the special live events taking place as well.

(Duration of the trip: 8 hours)