Wednesday, 29 March 2023
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Iconoclastic Wanderings

Foundation of the Hellenic World
FHW’s mission is the preservation and dissemination of Hellenic history and tradition, the creation of an awareness of the universal dimension of Hellenism and the promotion of its contribution to cultural evolution.  Its aim is the understanding of the past as a point of reference for the formation of the present and future so that contemporary thought may once again be inspired by the Hellenic spirit.

In order to achieve this mission, the Foundation is actively involved with the dissemination of Hellenic culture and history, placing particular emphasis to Hellenism all over the world .

The project “Virtual Reality Digital Collection ‘Ancient Agora of Athens’”, which was designed and implemented by FHW and was funded in the framework of the Operational Programme of Information Society, aimed at the development and documentation of an original digital collection about the Ancient Agora of Athens, which will be used for the development of creative educational scenarios in virtual reality environments.

The virtual representation urges the visitor on a journey of discovery.  Those that participate can explore the accurate virtual representation selecting their course during their visit to the virtual world. They can examine the architectural details of the buildings and the landscape from many different perspectives, to exercise their skill in orientation and to understand the feeling of scale, proportion and the area used by the ancient Greeks. By taking part in virtual interactive activities they can live experiences and to explore the arts and the everyday life of each era.

The "Tholos" is the Foundation's new dome-shaped Virtual Reality "Theatre" with a capacity of 130 people. It is a building of exceptional architectural design and with unique technological infrastructure, which hosts FHW's digital collections.

The "Tholos" resembles a planetarium regarding its natural and morphological characteristics.  However, their only common characteristic is the semi-circular shape of the projection surface. The exterior shape of the "Tholos" refers to a whirling celestial body. It a sensation that is rendered through the processing of surfaces and the selection of materials, such as the successive rings that surround the external shell and the special lights that make it stand out during the night. Thus, the "Tholos" becomes a symbol of Hellenism and characterizes Pireos street.